Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Laundromat Flat File: Now at Storefront

The Laundromat is pleased to announce the loan of our Flat File, which will be temporarily housed at Storefront until the end of the summer while our exhibition program is on hiatus. Storefront is a new space opened by Norte Maar director Jason Andrew with artist Deborah Brown, located at 16 Wilson avenue in Bushwick.

The Flat File contains 30 drawers that are each 9"W x 12"D x 3"H. Each drawer contains artwork(s) by a single artist. There are sculptures, paintings, drawings, installation, video, and even performance pieces that the viewer is invited to engage with.

The 30 artists represented are from the US, Germany, Denmark, the UK and Japan. They are: Lauren Carbone, Sarah McDougald Kohn, Jonathan Allaier, Maria Walker, Chris Deo, Tim Belknap, Joe Protheroe, Audra Wolowiec, Patrick Cuffe, Daniel A. Bruce, Kaoru Sakurai, Ianthe Jackson, Loie Hollowell, Scott Wilson, Liz Atzberger, Bram Arnold, Lars Rasmussen, Amy Lincoln, Jesse Bercowetz, Suzanne Goldenberg, Juliane Zelwies, Ryan McCartney, Emily Blaskovich, Walsh Hansen, Eleanna Anagnos, Brian Ravenholt Jepsen, Ben Godward, Helena Wurzel, Michael Eudy, Carl Randall and Kevin Andrew Curran.

Please visit us at Storefront, Saturday and Sunday 1-6pm.

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