Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Liz Atzberger and Takashi Matsumoto, September 19th, 2009 at the Laundromat

Installation View

Takashi Matsumoto Untitled, 2009

Liz Atzberger Untitled, 2009

Installation view

Takashi Matsumoto Untitled, 2009

Liz Atzberger Ten Eyck, 2009

Liz Atzberger Untitled, 2008

Installation view

Liz Atzberger Gyre, 2009

Liz Atzberger Teem, 2008

Installation view

Takashi Matsumoto, installation view

Takashi Matsumoto Untitled, 2009

Takashi Matsumoto Untitled, 2009

Liz Atzberger After Math, 2009

-Liz Atzberger

For Immediate Release:

The Laundromat gallery would like to announce an upcoming exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Liz Atzberger and photographs by Takashi Matsumoto in a one- day exhibition on Saturday September 19th, 2009. Both artists take natural phenomena, pattern, and repetition as starting point in their work.

Takashi Matsumoto’s black and white photographs deconstruct, splice and reconfigure pictures of objects and textures in nature, such as clouds, soil, or tree branches. The results are kaleidoscopic patterns of organic imagery that reference geometric abstraction.

Matsumoto lives and works in Tokyo, Japan, where his work was recently featured in a solo exhibition at SPICA Art. This is his first exhibition in the United States.

Inspired by natural phenomena such as electromagnetism and emergent growth patterns, Liz Atzberger creates sculptures and paintings in which simple processes repeat or are built up in layers that evolve into complex patterns. The resulting pieces are unruly, brightly colored plastic landscapes. Employing dyed plastic, zip ties, rubber bands, and spandex, the work borders on seductive and slick, yet it is more gaudy and gloppy than fashionable.

Her paintings, drawings and mixed media works have been exhibited in venues across the United States and abroad. She is currently an Instructor of Foundations in the Department of Art and Art History at Florida Atlantic University and splits her time between Florida and New York.

Liz Atzberger
Takashi Matsumoto
Saturday September 19th, 2009
By appointment from 10AM
Reception 6 - 9PM
238 Melrose St. 4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Laundromat photography by Amy Lincoln

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