Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alexa Hoyer and Walsh Hansen, Friday February 18th at the new Laundromat

Installation view, Walsh Hansen and Alexa Hoyer

Alexa Hoyer, Cats, 2004

Alexa Hoyer, (L) Subway, 2010 (R) Eavesdropping, 2010-11

Alexa Hoyer, Eavesdropping, 2010-11

Alexa Hoyer, video still from documentation of Eavesdropping performance

Actors: Oscar Montoya and Lorraine Cink
Camera: John Loughlin

Excerpt from Eavesdropping, text courtesy Alexa Hoyer

Walsh Hansen, Installation view: (L) The Fawn, 2010 (R) The Animals, 2009-11

The Fawn, video still courtesy Walsh Hansen

Walsh Hansen, The Fawn, 2010

Walsh Hansen, Badge and Gun, 2010-11

Walsh Hansen, The Animals, detail

Walsh Hansen, Duck and Squirrel, 2011

Press Release:

The Laundromat will feature new works by artists Alexa Hoyer and Walsh Hansen for our first exhibition in the new space on Wyckoff Ave. as part of Beat Night, Bushwick galleries stay open late.

Alexa Hoyer will present drawings, photographs and transcribed texts of conversations she overheard on the subway. She will also direct a performance based on these transcriptions. With the contribution of New York based actor and comedian Jen Kwok, a group of selected actors will be reenacting and reinterpreting these dialogues. In much of her work, Alexa Hoyer is concerned with the idiosyncratic elements of the mundane by highlighting unique quirks of the human experience.

Walsh Hansen will present two videos as well as several related drawings and sculptures. The characters in his videos include people and animals, both live and sculptural which interact in domestic spaces and urban landscapes. His work explores his own human tendency to anthropomorphize a representation in order to satisfy a base need for companionship. For the artist, the futility in this act and the inevitably unfulfilled need for reciprocity is evinced in a kitten’s contempt for its own sweater.

This will be a two day exhibition. The opening reception is Friday February 18th from 7-10PM, and we are open on Saturday the 19th by appointment.

Hansen was born in Missoula, Montana. He is a graduate of the University of Montana and the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. He currently lives in New York City.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Alexa Hoyer holds a BFA from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri and an MFA in sculpture from Tyler School of Art. Hoyer has a permanent video installation at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, and has also shown her work throughout the US and in Europe.

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